Why choose a DAN course

DAN courses are developed by a team of Medical and Educational Specialists.
Some of the Provider Courses are specifically developed for divers or life guards, while others such as the BLS and First Aid course are aimed at a wider audience.

DAN Training believes that those who seek First Aid Training are not just taking a course for a certification card but for the knowledge and confidence gained in order to provide care to an injured person. Therefore each specialised DAN course represents a specific area of First Aid.
The Oxygen Provider course, for example, teaches students how to provide Oxygen First Aid for Diving Accidents, whilst the AED course teaches the use of AEDs.

DAN courses are specialised First Aid courses, the skills and techniques are not just a small part of another course. The students get enough theory and practise time to ensure that they finish the course having gained the confidence to act fast and efficiently in case of emergency.

It is for this reason that professional Law Enforcement, Healthcare Professionals and Rescue Teams have chosen DAN Training.
Amongst these Professionals are:

  • Several European Fire Brigades
  • Italian Coast Guard
  • Finnish Boarder Guard
  • European Police teams
  • Italian Red Cross
  • Slovenian Army
  • Italian Carabinieri and other European armed forces

DAN Courses are also used by some Medical Universities and High Schools such as in Spain and Belgium as a part of some educational programs or Masters. They are not the only ones that have chosen DAN Courses many Dive & Life Saving Organisations prefer to work with DAN for their medical/First Aid Courses such as:

DAN courses are also recognised / accredited by many organisations and institutions, such as:

Furthermore in some countries such as Spain and the Maldives, the local governments have established diving laws where professional divers have to follow the DAN Oxygen Provider Course in order to operate as Dive Instructor in that area.