Why Choose DAN

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10 good reasons to join DAN
  1. DAN is the biggest organisation focused on diving safety
    DAN is the largest organisation in the world promoting diving safety, with over 400,000 members!
  2. DAN created the first emergency hotline for divers
    Since 1980, DAN envisaged and created the first international alert centre exclusively for diving emergencies. Our multilingual hotline is handled by experienced staff who offers assistance to divers worldwide, 24/7.
  3. DAN relies on an internationally renowned diving doctors
    The best diving medicine and hyperbaric specialists are part of DAN's international alert network. Every year, DAN doctors handle thousands of emergency calls and provide medical advices in more than 20 languages.
  4. DAN is highly involved in scientific research
    DAN research continues to act as an important benchmark for the scientific and diving communities. Our scientists conduct research and studies in diving medicine and physiology to improve diving safety, worldwide.
  5. DAN frequently visits and checks hyperbaric chambers
    Many of the hyperbaric facilities used by divers are visited and assessed by DAN experts. DAN finances and conducts a specific programme (RCAPP) to improve the quality and availability of hyperbaric centres, especially those located in developing countries and remote locations.
  6. DAN promotes Safety Campaigns
    DAN supports and promotes Safety Campaigns with the aim of reducing preventable accidents. These include the "Propeller Injuries" and the "Air Quality" campaign.
  7. DAN established a charity fund to help divers
    DAN has created a Fund to help divers and their families in need. It collects and evaluates reports from the diving community and, thus far, has helped in hundreds of cases.
  8. DAN created the very first specialist diving insurance
    30 years ago, DAN was the first organisation to design specific insurance policies for diving activities. Only with DAN you will find an insurance scheme managed by divers, for divers. All claims are managed with competence by a caring and experienced team.
  9. DAN relies on a network of diving lawyers
    Over time, we have successfully built up a global team of lawyers - most of whom are divers themselves - specialised in the diving field, available to offer consultancy and assistance when required.
  10. DAN guarantees its members a number of benefits

Read the comments of divers assisted by DAN during their diving emergencies… You'll understand why so many divers choose DAN!