RCAPP stands for Recompression Chamber Assistance & Partnership Program. Since 1997, the mission of RCAPP is to assist and partner with recompression chambers in areas of equipment, training and emergency assistance, to insure their availability, quality and safety in times of need. IDAN (International DAN) has been actively promoting this program, reaching over 100 chambers throughout the world, even in the most remote countries.


RCAPP Certificate

The purpose of the RCAPP (Recompression Chamber Assistance and Partnership Programme) is to assist and partner with recompression chamber facilities, in areas of equipment, training and emergency assistance, to assess and (where needed) improve their ability to treat injured divers.

The program comprises 3 main steps:

  1. Recompression facility assessment: the RCAPP team reviews a facility's functionality, intrinsic safety, operating procedures and the level of training of the staff.
  2. The team returns back home with plenty of pictures and technical notes that are used to compile a personalized Risk Assessment Report, with specific recommendations for the visited chamber.
  3. The report, with applicable and appropriate feedback and information, is forwarded to the Recompression facility and is intended to guide them in addressing and improving highlighted points in order to comply with the standards and guidelines as described in the International Risk Assessment Guide.

After the recompression facility has received its personal Risk Assessment Report and has reviewed and addressed all the relevant risks identified therein, it may apply to the RCAPP team for a Certificate of Compliance. This may be done through a written or electronic submission, with supporting certificates, reports and photographs. However, the team may require a follow-up assessment, where any outstanding concerns may exist.

Once it has been determined that the primary issues have been properly resolved and addressed, the RCAPP team will support and motivate this application to a select committee within IDAN, with representatives from all the DAN member organisations. This committee will then take the final decision and consider the awarding of this status to a successful facility.

The Certificate of Compliance is signed by the IDAN President and by the lead assessor, and presented to the facility. "Through this program, IDAN wishes to involve more and more facilities" said Dr. Alessandro Marroni (IDAN President) "rewarding those that are prepared to match effort and local resources with our contributions to their real needs, and thereby contribute to the building of a safer diving world for all divers".

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