Student insurances for advanced courses

Accident insurance plans for scuba and free diving advanced students.

  • "Scuba Advanced" plan
    Suited for: advanced courses, 2nd grade, 2 Stars CMAS, REC 2 GUE or equivalent
    Max. Depth: 30m (in any case not beyond the maximum depth allowed by your teaching organization)
  • "Apnea Advanced" plan
    Suited for: 2nd grade, Spearfishing Level 2, 2 Stars CMAS, AIDA 3 Star, Apnea Academy Second level, SSI Apnea level 2, or equivalent.
    Max. depth: 30m (in any case not beyond the maximum depth allowed by your teaching organization)


Quick answers
Who can purchase these covers?Pro and Club members as well as DAN Professional and Business Partners.
How to activate them?If you are a Member: log in to your MyDAN > Insurance > Student Insurance.
If you are a Partner: log in to MyDAN > Partner > Student Insurance.


 What is covered

Worldwide emergency medical treatment,
hyperbaric therapy and hospitalization included
€ 30,000.00
Alarm Center and management of medical emergencies 24/7Included
Emergency medical evacuationIncluded in Worldwide Emergency Medical Treatment Limits
Search & rescue of the missing diver€ 2,500.00
Price per student€ 10.00*

* Insurance Premium Taxes to be added, depending on country


Period of insurance 
Inception dateUpon registration of the student
in the MyDAN section of instructor or club
Date of expirationUpon diving certification (max. 365 days)


Please read carefully the insurance policy and the insurance product information document. All insurance plans are manufactured and underwritten by IDA Insurance Ltd (IDA) and distributed by VING Insurance Brokers Limited (VING). Both IDA and VING are authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to transact in all EU/EEU countries. IDA and VING are subsidiaries of DAN Europe Group.