DAN Provider info

Who can organise a DAN Provider Course and how is it done?

DAN Provider Courses are organised worldwide by DAN Instructors. You can find a list of the DAN Instructors, who gave us authorisation to publish their personal data here.

DAN Instructors can organise one (stand alone) DAN course or a combination of several courses. In both cases the structure of the courses is identical.

For each course, there is a knowledge development session during which the students learn how to provide first aid and why. What equipment to use and how to maintain it.

After this academic session there is a skills development session during which students have the opportunity to practise the skills under the guidance of the DAN Instructor.

During the hands on training the Instructor demonstrates how to provide care and then gives the students enough time to practise the skills using several different scenarios, during which the provider needs to act correctly and safely. The Instructor will then work together with the students until an adequate level of skill knowledge and confidence is reached.


At the end of the course there is a small academic multiple choice exam.


Upon successful completion of the course the student receives a wall certificate and Temporary Certification Card (C-Card).


Immediately following the Course the Instructor registers the successful candidates with DAN Training. If the Instructor has registered the students email address the successful candidates will receive a confirmation, by email, with a copy of the official c-card and some additional info (*). 


The card will be sent to the Provider or Instructor as requested by the Instructor during registration (*).


What will the DAN Provider receive during the Course?

Each Provider candidate will receive from their DAN Instructor a DAN Provider Student Kit. The content of this kit will vary from course to course, but will contain at least a student book (printed or digital version).


What does the student kit & certification cost?

Since the Instructor cannot teach and certify without a student kit, the price of the student kit is included in the course price. There is no additional fee for the certification and C-card.


(*)This procedure can differ when the DAN Instructor registers his students through his Dive Organisation instead of with DAN Training directly